Tuesday, 15 November 2011

for the passenger

I was asked, along with some others, by artist Su Hurrell to create a map describing my journey to MMU in Manchester. The only constraint was that it had to be approximately postcard-sized. The text is from The Road to Wigan Pier by George Orwell, 1937 (175). This used to describe how I felt about the train journey as I would get travel sick every time I tried to do anything on the train to pass the time, now I've managed to get over this travel sickness and spend each journey reading which seems like such a better use of time that otherwise felt almost entirely wasted.


Further information from Su: 'I asked people for maps to demonstrate that people understand a map to contain certain elements, i.e. starting/ending destination, orientation, descriptive symbolism. My research question for the Contexts is about the absurdity of mapping complexity and I wanted to see what preconceptions participants brought to the exercise - what conventions they understood. Your contribution was the most 'left field' of them (in a good way) and yet contained starting/end destination, and a linear journey of sorts with the line of poetry, left/right conventions of writing to journey.'

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