Wednesday, 29 August 2012

The Library of Lost Books - part II

Another parcel came today from The Library of Lost Books. YES!
I now have some lovely pens to use from Sheaffer, who are supporting the project, 
and a book to incorporate into the lantern slide box.


The book is Castle Rackrent: The Absentee, by Maria Edgeworth, and features illustrations by Chris Hammond. The book chronicles (from what I can gather) the lives of the Rackrent family.


I will probably dismantle the book, maybe make a smaller one out of it (lantern slide sized!). It has some really nice details; the cover, the library stickers and the Macmillan & Co. logo (notice the M's embossed on the cover too), not to mention the illustrations and their captions 
("If you could stand still for one single particle of a second")

I have been thinking about the Glass family, homemade lantern slides, archives, and bananafish...amongst other things.


There's a great video here called 'How to make Handmade Lantern Slides' which is an instructional video from Indiana University, dated 1947.

Monday, 13 August 2012

a little lyom