► A New Wild Life, According to McGee, York, 14th June - 6th August, 2012

A New Visuality project sourcing three of the most exciting contemporary wildlife artists in the UK. Melanie Alexandrou, Olivia Streatfeild-James and Rosemary Milner are given more room for a fascinating trio show. With 3 weeks and the 7 white walls of a city centre white cube, these emerging and increasingly collectable young artists have accepted the gauntlet with bold style, each artist distilling their respective skill to its muscular, vigorous essence. The result is a timely celebration of craftsmanship and intuitive observation. Wildlife is at last living up its name.

Mon - Sat
10am - 5pm

According to McGee

8 Tower Street
York, Y01 9SA

The People's Pianos, Macclesfield, Barnaby Festival, 17th - 19th June, 2011

On street corners and dotted around town ten pianos 
in unexpected places bringing music to the streets.
At times they are played by musicians, at others 
they are available for anyone to enjoy and entertain. 
The pianos are also canvases many painted by young 
Macclesfield artists, others waiting to be decorated 
by the public over the weekend...
Take part in this unusual project, not only by playing 
and decorating the pianos but also by helping to 
document it. Upload your photos of piano antics onto 
the Festival Facebook page - search for 'Barnaby Festival 2011

Artists include Melanie J. Alexandrou, Patrick Cody,
Ralph McGaul, TJ Dolan, Trevor Bailey, Trisha Trodden,
Emily Mugridge, Sabine Kussmaul and Hilary Jack.

Pianos provided by Shackleford Pianos

Open Studios, Macclesfield, Barnaby Festival, 17th - 19th June, 2011

Following Sunderland Street's participation in Barnaby 2010, 
and subsequent open studios in December 2010, we are very 
excited to be involved in this year's festivities.
Ralph McGaul, Pat Cody and Melanie Alexandrou invite you 
into their studios, where you can meet the artists and learn 
about the ideas and processes behind the work. New and old 
work will be on display and for sale, including paintings, 
prints, and much more. This is a FREE event and there will 
also, of course, be tea and homemade cakes!

This year also featuring works by Trevor Bailey, Trisha Trodden,
Simon Mawdsley and the 4th instalment of The Postal Project

Directions: Go in the black door between Brushstrokes and 
Preloved Babies, down a few steps, then up the stairs, 
turn right, at the end of the corridor. 

Follow the signs, and don't worry.

Fri Jun 17 10am - 5pm
Sat Jun 18 10am - 4pm
Sun Jun 19 11am - 5pm

Unit 8, 59-61 Sunderland St, Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK11 6HN

AA2A Artists in Residence Exhibition, Manchester Metropolitan University, 17th - 30th June, 2011

An exhibition showcase work made during and for the AA2A 
(Artist's Access to Art Colleges) Residency at MMU.

Melanie J. Alexandrou
Chava Rosenzweigh
Ima Picó
Laurence Lane
Maria Mylona

Also featuring the 3rd instalment of The Postal Project

Opening Friday 17th 6-8pm 
Monday - Friday 9-6pm

Righton Foyer, All Saints Campus, MMU, Manchester, M15 6BH

Wild Thing Exhibition, Paradise Mill, Macclesfield, Barnaby Festival, 16th June - 1st July, 2011

A group show of emergent to established regional 
and international artists exploring the relationship 
between town and country, civilization and wilderness, 
the domesticated and the wild.
Set in an imposing unused silk mill, artists include 
Melanie Alexandrou, Hilary Jack, Fiona McKillop, 
Jane Osmond, Dallas Seitz, Mit Senoj and Beata Veszely. 
Curated by Karen Gaskill.

Exhibition open from 10 - 2pm Saturday 25 June and 
Monday - Friday until 1 July. Closed Sundays.

Paradise Mill, Park Lane, Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK11 6TJ

MACC/Leeds Trans-Pennine Art Expedition, 1st April, 2011

The MACC / LEEDS Trans-Pennine Art Expedition 
aims to test and celebrate the collective 
co-operation and creative dexterity of selected 
artists originating/operating from Macclesfield, Cheshire.

The North is a 13px place. Though we celebrate
an ability to be mobile and communicate easily
trans-Pennine, exhibiting work collectively
elsewhere may be rare.

Macclesfield is also a 13px place.

A bizarre, somewhat miserable, 
amusing, grey, humble & modest place. 

But, from one reason to another, 

highly conducive to creative people.

The purpose of the Art Expedition is not 

necessarily a showcase, more to explore 

the strength of coincidental artistic 

talent across generations from Macclesfield.

Each artist follows a different strand and 

narrative to what they produce and the 

processes they pursue. With this Art Expedition 

we wish to state a strong coherence and identity 

in bringing the fantastic works of established, 

credible artists / friends from the North together.


Melanie Alexandrou
Trevor Bailey
Gavin Barber
Patrick Cody
TJ Dolan
Simon Mawdsley
Ralph McGaul
Robert Sharples
Trisha Trodden
Tom Whittaker

31/03 PRIVATE VIEW 6-9pm
01/04 OPEN TO ALL 7pm - late

The MACC / LEEDS Trans-Pennine Art Expedition 
will be hosted at the exciting project and 
Grade I listed building TempleWorksLeeds.

Expect fantastic work displayed and curated within 
an interesting former industrial space, 
this is a rare opportunity.

GET DOWN & BYOB (booze also on sale).

Hope to see you there.

Marshall Street, Holbeck, Leeds, LS11 9YJ

For further details contact:

text by Robert Sharples

Home from Home, 11th - 18th March, 2011

153 Woodhouse Lane, Leeds
Curated by Louise Atkinson

With ideas ranging from the domestic to displacement, 
over 80 artists from 7 different countries have 
contributed to this years Artist Book Collective 
exhibition around the theme of Home. 153 Woodhouse 
Lane is the setting for Home from Home, to be shown 
alongside the 14th Leeds International Artist Book 
Fair. As a spacious Victorian terrace situated over 
three floors, it provides the perfect backdrop for 
this site-specific exhibition.

Artists responded to the brief through exploring 
and expanding on the book as a time-based medium, 
whilst incorporating the notion of the Everyday. 
Traditional book works as well as sculptural objects, 
text, narrative, video, furniture, audio and 
performance are represented throughout the show.

The concept of Home evokes various associations, 
including our experience of domestic spaces in 
relation to their designated public/private status, 
as well as the collection and curation of personal 
possessions within those spaces. Often our sense of 
self and security is linked to feeling ‘at home’, 
insinuating that this sensation is not always 
related to a particular place or building.

At first glance, Home from Home gives an impression 
of family, refuge and sanctuary, but upon closer 
inspection, it also begins to uncover associated 
feelings of anxiety and uncertainty relating to 
superstition, illness and transience.

Open Studios, 11th and 12th December, 2010
Sunderland Street Studios will once again be opening 
its doors to everyone for one weekend in December.
After the very successful Open Studios that took place 
in June as part of the Barnaby Festival, Ralph McGaul, 
Melanie Alexandrou and Patrick Cody invite you into 
their studios, where you can meet the artists and learn 
about the ideas and processes behind the work. New 
work will be on display and for sale, including paintings, 
prints, t-shirts and much more. This is a FREE event and 
there will also be tea and homemade cakes!

Directions: Go in the black door between Brushstrokes 
and Thong in Cheek, down a few steps, then up the stairs, 
turn right, at the end of the corridor.
Follow the signs, and don't worry.