Tuesday, 15 November 2011

p.s. here's to letter writing!

 You may have seen the Letter Writing Project (p.s. here's to letter writing!) at the MACC/LEEDS Trans-Pennine Art Expedition, the Home from Home exhibition (both in Leeds), and at nearly all of the Postal Project tour stops. Better still you sat down and wrote a letter! Thank you to everyone who did, lots of lovely letters, some soppy ones, some sad ones, some funny ones and some just bizarre. I have now sewn all the letters together into a hand-bound book, which will probably make an appearance somewhere...sometime...potentially in a location near you...until then feast your eyes on this. Also, look out for p.s. here's to letter writing vol.2!

p.(p.?)s. those of you who left an address I will try and send you something good in the post asap.

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