Monday, 10 September 2012


Myself and Jade Blood have corresponded several times with Tim in the past, swapping zines, postal art and lots of other bits and bobs. Sadly, Mr. Scannell passed away in 2010 and we have wanted to do something to celebrate his postal goodness ever since. We decided to make a giant poster, sending it back and forth to each other, extending and adding to it each time. 
This is how it looked when I first posted it to Jade:

 And this is how it looked when I received it back from her:

 And this is how it looked when I posted it back to her a second time:

Watch this space for further transformations. I should probably have waited for full documentation, but who knows, maybe we'll NEVER stop sending it back and forth. Plus I wanted to show off this nifty little gif I made: