Sunday, 10 February 2013

The Library of Lost Books - Part III (and IV, V, VI, probably VII too)

I have been dragging this out for some reason (maybe I secretly don't want to send it back?) but here is, finally, an update of what I have been doing for the past few months (all right, 
5 months...) IT'S NEARLY FINISHED!

First off, I took apart (!) the lovely book

then I cut down the cover to lantern-slide size (3¼in x 3¼in);

next was the very long process of matching up the original illustrations with 
captions taken from all the books involving the Glass family;


*=*=* I N T E R M I S S I O N *=*=*

The Library of Lost Books at The Seventh Manchester Artists' Book Fair October 2012


Where I purchased one the the best things I've seen ever; a little notebook with a hand-knitted Penguin Classics-style cover. This treasure was made by Cally Barker, she has made a whole collection of these, with other such titles as 'Short Stories', 'Work of Fiction' and 'A Classic Novel'. I picked 'A Book of Days' as it was the only one at her stall that she'd used slightly different shades of orange wool to give it a dog-eared look.

November brought The Library of Lost Books Artists' Meetup at The LOLB HQ in Birmingham. I arrived a little late but still got to see a lot of the lovely returned books and speak to some of the other artists. Not to mention spend some time with the spectacular host and and curator/creator of the Project, Susan Kruse!



putting the illustrations, typewritten captions and book together:

I managed to acquire an original lantern-slide which is really lovely.

I then had some glass cut to lantern-slide size so I can make my own lantern slides. The first one I don't think would work properly if used in a Lanterna Magica, but I quite liked how specimen-like it felt. Two more lantern-slides are in progress.

Another long process was alphabetising all the Proper Nouns in the Glass Family books. 
I am now in the process of typing these out...

They will then be cut to lantern-slide sized index cards 
to be sorted into these lantern-slide sized tabbed guides;


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