Friday, 18 February 2011

MACC/LEEDS Trans-Pennine Art Expedition

poster by Ralph McGaul and Trevor Bailey

The MACC / LEEDS Trans-Pennine Art Expedition 
aims to test and celebrate the collective 
co-operation and creative dexterity of selected 
artists originating/operating from Macclesfield, Cheshire.

The North is a small place. Though we celebrate
an ability to be mobile and communicate easily
trans-Pennine, exhibiting work collectively
elsewhere may be rare.

Macclesfield is also a small place.
...A bizarre, somewhat miserable, 
amusing, grey, humble & modest place. 
But, from one reason to another, 
highly conducive to creative people.

The purpose of the Art Expedition is not 
necessarily a showcase, more to explore 
the strength of coincidental artistic 
talent across generations from Macclesfield.

Each artist follows a different strand and 
narrative to what they produce and the 
processes they pursue. With this Art Expedition 
we wish to state a strong coherence and identity 
in bringing the fantastic works of established, 
credible artists / friends from the North together.


Melanie Alexandrou
Trevor Bailey
Gavin Barber
Patrick Cody
TJ Dolan
Simon Mawdsley
Ralph McGaul
Robert Sharples
Trisha Trodden
Tom Whittaker

31/03 PRIVATE VIEW 6-9pm
01/04 OPEN TO ALL 7pm - late

The MACC / LEEDS Trans-Pennine Art Expedition 
will be hosted at the exciting project and 
Grade I listed building TempleWorksLeeds.

Expect fantastic work displayed and curated within 
an interesting former industrial space, 
this is a rare opportunity.

GET DOWN & BYOB (booze also on sale).

Hope to see you there.
Marshall Street, Holbeck, Leeds, LS11 9YJ

For further details contact:

text by Robert Sharples

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